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About Us

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (Learning Centre) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 40745) based within Queensland Health. As the leader in mental health training and workforce development in Queensland, we are proud to offer a suite of education programs to suit your workforce.

Through our training courses, we aim to initially provide practical foundational knowledge for staff who work with clients that experience mental health problems. In addition, we provide intermediate and advanced-level knowledge and specific skills that focus on consumer safety and mental health recovery plus clinical supervision skills.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have continued to expand our range of training modalities and content. We now provide a series of accessible face-to-face courses including a nationally accredited program, as well as a suite of eLearning courses, online resources and blended learning opportunities.

We can also help your organisation develop tailored training to suit the needs of your staff using a range of learning modalities that meets your scope, timeframe, and budget.

Our Services

The Learning Centre applies best practice in the development of training products, and we are able to provide you with the tools and resources needed to ensure a successful development and launch of any course we collaborate with you to create.

We offer a range of education solutions including face-to-face workshops, blended learning (eLearning + face-to-face workshop), eLearning, and digital media resources.

When designing training, we work closely with you to create content that is realistic, relatable, and designed to be directly transferable into real-world situations.

Why eLearning?

This short video provides a overview of the services the Learning Centre can offer your organisation to support the development of eLearning and online resources.

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Our Training Development Process

The Learning Centre applies a comprehensive yet flexible training development process, to meet your needs.

We can include training needs analysis, Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultation, content development, production of custom videos and images, we can also build interactive activities and quizzes, training evaluation or more formal training assessment, certificate design and online hosting.

Our project team will help to understand your goals, develop a business case and project plan that reflects your timelines and desired outcomes.

Our training development process has five key stages:

Process graphic

eLearning Essentials



In eLearning courses, effective navigation is essential in order for the learner to successfully absorb the information provided, without becoming overwhelmed. Effective navigation also allows the learner to move through the training with ease, as well as informing them of their progress. It is important that navigation be easy to use, functional, easy to read, consistent and provide a positive user experience.



Effective eLearning will create an engaging experience as well as impart knowledge on learners, so that they are motivated to learn. By creating flexible methods of delivering content, learners will be kept engaged whilst building their knowledge base.


Scenario-based learning

According to adult learning principles, adults are relevancy-oriented (meaning they need to see a reason for learning something). Therefore learning activities need to have ‘real world’ application. Scenario-based learning uses interactive scenarios to support active learning strategies such as problem-based or case-based learning.


Knowledge check

Assessments or knowledge checks are often built into our eLearning programs. These checks give learners an opportunity to gauge how well they're grasping material. By correctly answering questions, learners can be assured their new knowledge is accurate.

eLearning Customisation

When it comes to eLearning, we understand that each organisation has different needs. Each eLearning project is therefore unique, and our team can create eLearning courses with differing levels of interactivity and customisation. The complexity of interactions, production of videos and images and amount of content (which determines length of the program) will determine the cost and timeframe for product development.

Complete customisation

Custom video production with professional actors
Custom photo shoot
Voice overs
Quizzes, click reveals, assessments
Animated videos
Choose your own adventure interactions
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Moderate customisation

Basic video production using in-house actors or link out to external videos
Basic photo shoot or stock images
Voice overs
Quizzes, click reveals, assessments
Animated videos
Choose your own adventure interactions
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Low customisation

Links to external videos
(no video production)
Stock images
Voice overs
Some quizzes and basic activities
Animated videos
Choose your own adventure interactions
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Click through the images below to view a snapshot of our current eLearning courses.

To view more examples of our extensive course library and the different levels of customisation available,
please click here to request an eLearning demonstration.


Our service does not end when your product has been created. We also offer technical assistance through hosting of eLearning products and on-going technical support to learners. We have several hosting options available to help you manage enrolments, reporting, and help the learners access the training course, including:



Evaluation is an important part of the training development process and of the training product. It is beneficial to know what your learners have gained from their training experience and how they might approach their work differently. The systematic evaluation of a course provides an indication as to the efficacy of the training being delivered, as well as guiding the ongoing process of quality improvement for an organisation.

Evaluations can be individually tailored to a course and may be designed to measure knowledge, confidence, training satisfaction, attitudes, commitment to apply learnings in the workplace, and the application and sharing of knowledge in practice. The Learning Centre can provide comprehensive follow-up analysis, presentation, and reporting of evaluation data.



Learning Centre staff are approachable and helpful, their communication is clear and responsive, and they reliably deliver on the deadlines set. Their understanding and advice regarding product design and effective adult and online learning was excellent, as evidenced by the quality of the eLearning products they developed."

Strategic Policy and Legislation Branch, Department of Health

From an initial phone call where an abstract idea was floated and through all stages of project development, staff from the Learning Centre have demonstrated enthusiasm, professionalism, wisdom and flexibility to guide and shape the development and on-time delivery of a pivotal eLearning resource."

Mental Health and Disability, Department of Housing and Public Works

The Learning Centre worked alongside us throughout the development of the resource to ensure the product was culturally informed. The team was professional and met all project milestones on-time and regularly consulted with us to ensure we were satisfied with the product at all stages."

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Branch, Queensland Health