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In this edition Spring 2018

Welcome to our Spring edition eNewsletter

Can you believe it? Spring is upon us already. Although Winter was been relatively kind to us this year, we look forward to the vibrant warmer months.

In case you missed it, the recent January to June 2018 'snapshot' report provides a quick update on the state wide training roll out and other Learning Centre activities.

Staff at the Learning Centre have experienced an extremely busy start to the year with many projects culminating in successful course launches, including five brand new or reviewed and updated courses. We have also seen a significant peak in the number of courses delivered; 101 individual course deliveries were rolled out. There is no rest on the horizon though as more reviews and developments have kicked off, and yet more in planning to commence soon.

Ensuring courses are up to date, relevant and align with the latest policies is a commitment that the Learning Centre takes very seriously. We engage with many experts and stakeholders from across the state for our various projects to ensure they are well considered and meet the needs of our target audience. Our commitment to course currency and relevance creates a tug-of-war; a finely balanced distribution of time between training delivery, projects/developments/reviews and other pre and post training delivery commitments. Nonetheless we forge on, now looking forward to planning the 2019 calendar which is due to be released by the end of October.

We want to know what you think

The Learning Centre is committed to providing an even better online experience for you our learners.

To create a more streamlined approach to accessing and enrolling in all our training courses, we introduced an updated online training system in July 2017. Since then over 11,000 user profiles have been created! We would love it if you could take 5-10 minutes to provide some feedback on what you think of the system and how we can provide a more intuitive and even easier online experience for you.

Any feedback collected will be non-identifiable and confidential. Only aggregated data will appear in any potential publications and presentations.

>>Click here to start the survey<<

If you have any questions or require a response from the Learning Centre about your experience, rather than complete this survey, please instead email or call (07) 3271 8837.

Thank you for your support!

SRAM-ED takes a roadtrip to Adelaide

Learning Centre Clinical Educator and co-writer of QC25 SRAM-ED, Dan Mobbs co-presented at Suicide Prevention Australia's, National Suicide Prevention Conference with Kerrie Keepa, the woman whose heartbreaking personal story inspired it all.

This year’s conference was hosted in Adelaide, and attended by national and international leaders in suicide prevention. The presentation reported on Phase 2 evaluation data, where trained facilitators trained local staff. Dan presented on the numbers of staff impacted, training satisfaction, increases in confidence and changes in attitude towards suicide.

August saw another successful delivery of QC25 SRAM-ED in Rockhampton, with the training delivered to capacity. Eleven staff are now newly accredited as SRAM-ED trainers in their HHS.

Sunshine Coast and Wacol deliveries are in planning for later in the year - check the calendar for details.
Upcoming calendar features

Highlights for the coming months include:
  • Torres and Cape road show with trainers visiting the far North during September
  • QC25 SRAM-ED train-the-trainer deliveries at Mountain Creek and Wacol - Nov and Dec
  • 19 deliveries of QC2 Engage, Assess, Respond to, and Support Suicidal People scheduled across the state to support Zero Suicide initiatives.
  • Four deliveries of QC28 Youth: Engage, Assess, Respond to, and Support Suicidal People scheduled across the state, with important up-skilling of local co-facilitators incorporated in the planning.

Sensory Approaches eLearning

Are you time poor but looking for some quick and easy options to up-skill or refresh your practice?

Do you need continuing professional development points, or education opportunities to identify in your PPA?

Consider Learning Centre eLearning courses!

The QC42 An Introduction to the use of Sensory Approaches in Mental Health eLearning courses has just been updated. It includes many improvements, such as:
  • standardised terminology
  • improved imagery to demonstrate practice tips
  • updated links to useful resources
  • overall improved functionality and resources.
The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Sentinel Events Review (SER) update

In May, the Learning Centre SER team successfully completed the development of the QC30 Violence Risk Assessment and Management blended learning product. Two Clinical Educators and the Principal Project Officer travelled to deliver the training throughout June. The training prepared nearly 200 senior clinicians (from five pilot-site HHSs) for their participation in the pilot implementation of the Violence risk assessment and management frameworkmental health services (the Framework). The Framework provides a three-tiered approach to structured and standardised violence risk assessment and management, through principles of good clinical practice, supported by updated and newly developed clinical tools.

The SER team, together with the Queensland Forensic Mental Health and Child and Youth Forensic Outreach collaborators, observed and monitored the training deliveries. These observations, suggestions and feedback will inform considerations to enhance and develop the QC30 blended learning product further. Where appropriate, suggestions for amendments or augmentation of the product will be actioned in the coming months.

Throughout the next five months, the pilot-site senior clinicians will pilot test the Violence risk assessment and management (V-RAM) tool in their practice to assess consumers identified to be at risk of violence and develop prevention-oriented risk management plans. Comprehensive evaluation of the training and Framework pilot is currently in progress. These evaluations will inform final adjustments to QC30 Violence Risk Assessment and Management in readiness for the roll out of the training and Framework in early 2019.
Mental Health Scholarship Scheme 2019

Receive up to $5,000 and continue your study in clinical mental health subjects.

Interested? Apply for a Queensland Health Scholarship with the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning.

Applications open on Monday 24 September 2018 and close at 5pm on Monday 19 November 2018.

Information can be accessed online at:

Alternatively can contact the mental health scholarship coordinator on (07) 3271 8838 or via email:
continuing professional development information

Training requirements

As a Registered Training Provider and HHS based service, there are many requirements for the delivery of training that need to be adhered to. Breaches present a risk to our continued service delivery.

Participant enrolment in training sessions is one of the most important factors.

Reminder: each participant must be enrolled in the course session, date and location of their choice. Un-enrolled presentations cannot be accepted at training. Enrolments need to be completed in full, by each individual, via the Learning Centre online training system only, and prior to the two week cut-off date.

Despite their being over 11500 learners now signed up to our online training system, their are still many HHS staff who have indicated an interest in attending training, who have not yet created a profile or registered for events.

Additionally for blended courses there is mandatory pre-learning that is critical to the learning experience. These include QC2, QC24, QC25, QC27 and QC28. The courses are written as a whole package, and attendance without completing the eLearning is not possible. Enrolment in a session is not accessible until the eLearning is completed in full.

If you are unsure about your booking for training, login to the Learning Centre online training system at and under the My courses tab check My bookings.

Phone (07) 3271 8845 if you require any assistance.
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