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autumn edition newsletter 2022
The Learning Centre is experiencing a sustained, and high level of demand for services despite the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Whilst this is very exciting from an education and service delivery perspective, it does come with considerable challenge for our team.

With an already significant commitment to routinely deliver training to the 16 Hospital and Health Services across Queensland (and regular course reviews), our workload has increased dramatically with a growing list of new services tapping into our curriculum.

Increasing numbers of NGOs across the state (17 services this year alone), and other government agencies are also commissioning our training services accounting for over 500 new and unique learners. As a result we continue to investigate and plan delivery modes to make training more accessible to more practitioners in more locations. Flexible modalities also serve to protect us as COVID-19 surges threaten many face-to-face course deliveries.

We are currently seeing sessions completely booked out for months in advance, some courses have no further availability for the remainder of the 2022 training year! So if you are thinking about participating in a session that has vacancies, don't leave it too late to enrol.

Despite the challenges, spring is here and so are many new and exciting developments in our world of training and education.

Please read on to find out about important course updates underway and other news from the Learning Centre team. 
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SRAM-ED, the update you've been waiting for! 

The Suicide Risk Assessment and Management in Emergency Department settings (SRAM-ED) program redevelopment project team is revitalising the program through intensive co-redesign with Lived Experience representatives (consumers, carers and peer workers), cultural advisors, and ED clinicians (nurses, medical consultants). The program continues to prioritise sensitive compassionate engagement with people experiencing suicidality and will include new highly interactive eLearning along with immersive role-play.

The QC50 Foundational and QC51 Advanced SRAM-ED courses have been rewritten, updated, and combined into the brand new QC61 SRAM-ED course.

The eLearning module includes an introduction to suicide and suicide risk assessment, presents authentic videos of engagement in ED to model core interviewing skills and techniques, covers clinician self-care, provides links to extensive resources, and prepares the learner for the two-hour workshop. The workshop extends the eLearning care scenarios, and reflective activities support learners to apply their knowledge and skills in a simulated practice environment.

To enhance accessibility to the updated course, trainers will be able to deliver the two-hour workshop component face-to-face or online via Teams. Another exciting change is that the train-the-trainer has been remodelled as a one-day face-to-face applied course. We hope this development will enable more train-the-trainer sessions. This in turn will support more SRAM-ED training champions state wide.

‘Bridging train-the-trainer sessions’ will be conducted via Teams (commencing late August) to promote the delivery of the new course in a timely way.

These bridging sessions aim to prepare the state wide network of accredited SRAM-ED trainers to deliver the new course. The redeveloped face-to-face train-the-trainer will be launched in November, and additional sessions will be scheduled in 2023.

Key to the new SRAM-ED program are the voices of those with lived and living experiences of suicidality.

To provide an introduction to the tone of the new program, our lived experience collaborators would love to share with you this moving video 'Thank you'.

We look forward to sharing more updates over the coming months. Keep an eye out for further announcements.
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New Supervision training project update 

In June we shared an update anticipating the announcement of pilot dates for the new supervision courses. Despite some hiccups due to COVID-19, the development of the new QC60 Introduction to Supervision eLearning and QC8 Supervisee 4 hour workshop are both progressing at full steam. We now look forward to hosting pilots in November.

New examples of supervision sessions in action were filmed in recent weeks. New reflective tools have also been uncovered and current literature that will be explored across the course formats (including the eLearning, as well as online and face-to-face versions of the 4 hour workshop).

One key aim of the project was to make the training more accessible, and add updated learning materials and tools that can be applied readily following participation in the training. With all the work taking place behind the scenes to achieve this, the excitement is building.

We will share details of the pilot sessions, including the launch of the new introductory eLearning in the coming weeks.
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QC58 Developing Educators Program - expansion continues

After a successful launch of QC58 Developing Educators Program (DEP) earlier this year, the team have been busy developing even more content for this skills development resource. 

A new eLearning module is now available, complementing the first eLearning module and videos. It guides educators to determine when training might be appropriate.

Titled 'When is training the right solution?' the eLearning demonstrates how to uncover the root cause of a workplace problem so you will know with more certainty that training is the answer. 

On completion of the 40-minute module participants will be able to:
  1. Name the three categories that most workplace performance problems fall into.
  2. Identify methods to gather evidence to find the root cause.
  3. Name some different methods to bridge a gap in skills or knowledge when the workplace problem is a performance deficit.
There is even more content for this program in the works right now, so we look forward to bringing you additional updates in the next newsletter.
We say farewell to two valued team members

It comes as little surprise that the highly skilled team of experts we have appointed are sought after more broadly for their experience and knowledge. 

The departure of two of our Clinical Educators; Dr Ben Walters and Dan Mobbs, is therefore announced with a mixture of excitement for their futures, and sadness for the voids they will leave in their wake.

Ben was with the Learning Centre for over 5 years and has worked on some high profile and complex projects. Ben was the project lead for the Sentinel Events Review of our suite of courses and creation of QC30 Violence Risk Assessment. He was also content lead on the redevelopment of our accredited Mental State Examination course and the development of our Formulation and Planning eLearning.

These only scratch the surface of the contributions Ben has made.

After 7 years in our team Dan will be leaving us in early September. Dan leaves behind a significant legacy particularly in the area of suicide prevention and clinical supervision training, having worked on both course redevelopment and new course creation. His commitment to supporting the workforce to respond effectively and sensitively to people experiencing suicidality is commendable. His final gift to us will be the newly completed SRAM-ED program mentioned in the article above.

A quote from someone who has worked with Dan both at the HHS level and as a Learning Centre team member provides an eloquent summary of his impact:

"You've always stood out as an effective, engaging and inclusive educator who did the hard work of translating reams of information into relevant and practice changing instruction. That's no mean feat! Imagine somewhere in rural Queensland, a clinician calls upon the newly minted learning from SRAM-ED as they tend to human distress, provide relief and help secure a passage to safety. Then that clinician accesses Supervisor training because of growing confidence to become a supervisor and pass on the benefits of a developing skill to emerging clinicians. Wow!"

While we are all sorry to say goodbye, we wish them both the best of luck in their next career steps.
Scholarships scheme - Boost your confidence and career prospects in mental health!

Applications for the Queensland Health Mental Health Scholarship Scheme 2023 will open Monday 24 October 2022.

The scholarships provide financial support (of up to $1,000 per unit/subject, maximum payment of $5,000 for an individual) for approved post-graduate level university studies in mental health clinical practice for study undertaken in 2023.

The scholarships are available to permanent or temporary Queensland Health staff (Nursing and Allied Health stream) who work closely with people accessing mental health, alcohol and other drugs (MHAOD) services. Please refer to eligibility criteria listed in the 'New applicants' section of the scholarships website.

Applications need to include information on the proposed study and your personalised reflection on how this will increase your capacity as a clinician to contribute to your recovery-oriented practice and more broadly to your hospital and health service care delivery.

Applications close Monday 21 November at 5pm.

Refer to the website for more information or by contacting the mental health scholarship coordinator at mhscholarships@health.qld.gov.au.
Unique course launches

As recognised experts in training development and design, the Learning Centre have been commissioned to develop new products for other Queensland Health Departments and other Government Services. Two recent projects completed are:
  • Termination of Pregnancy eLearning - and -
  • Child Safety eLearning.
QC83 Termination of Pregnancy went live on 15 July following two years of careful planning and consultation, and more recently the course construction. Although uniquely different from our standard suite of mental health focused training, the Learning Centre also host this product, so you may come across it on our LMS.

This eLearning is designed to guide clinicians and other healthcare practitioners who may not normally provide advice in this area, to build knowledge of termination of pregnancy healthcare, including how to support pregnant people to access termination healthcare, compassionate and holistic termination healthcare, and how to meet legal and professional obligations.

The second product to be finalised, 'Child sexual abuse - changes to the Qld Criminal Code' was commissioned by the Child and Family Policy Unit.

The completed eLearning package was handed over recently following 12 months of consultation and product development.

The course focuses on amendments to the Queensland Criminal Code Act 1899 to include two new offences of 'failure to protect' and 'failure to report'. The final location of this resource has not yet been released, however will be communicated via the appropriate internal channels with regards to Queensland Health's commitment to ensuring agencies are child safe organisations and that services and operations align with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.
Life in Mind
Do you regularly complete MSEs and have completed the Learning Centre's accredited training 10881NAT Course in Observing and Documenting the Mental State Examination?

We are seeking representation from all adult mental health, alcohol and other drugs service areas to provide feedback on the relevance of our accredited training in meeting the needs of the clinical workforce.

This activity is a one in five year event and mandated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The Learning Centre fully supports this mandate that ensures our training is contemporary and relevant to clinical practice in the operational environment.

An online (Teams) meeting date has been set for 29 November 2022 (3 hours) to gather this valuable feedback. If you wish to be a part of this feedback opportunity please send your EOI to 
Pauline.Bryan@health.qld.gov.au providing the following details:
  • Your role
  • Your service area
  • Years of clinical experience
  • Approximate number of MSEs you complete per month
  • The date you last completed the accredited course.
We will select a representative from each service area based on responses to the above selection criteria. All EOIs received will be replied to in a timely way.

The Learning Centre team gratefully acknowledges your interest in our course and appreciate your willingness and time to provide valuable feedback.  
Life in Mind
Community of Practice for Mental Health Educators update

The Community of Practice for Mental Health Educators* boasts a growing membership and is proving to be a valuable development and networking opportunity for those involved.

Irene Francisco (Clinical Educator) will lead a discussion on facilitation skills at the 20 September gathering. Join us if you have any questions, are looking for tips, or have some valuable insight to share.

Our December gathering will provide opportunity to reflect on what has taken place so far and we will be requesting feedback from our members. Topic suggestions for 2023 presentations will also be most welcome.
Join us if this fits your role and you would like to participate in the Q&A opportunity.  

The Community of Practice for Mental Health Educators includes those with an education portfolio or education aspect to their role, and who work in a Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service.
What's coming next?

In our next edition we are looking forward to announcing:
  • the release of the Semester 1, 2023 training schedule
  • the launch of more new eLearning courses and other project developments.
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