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autumn update for learning experience
News and updates from the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning

In this edition Summer 2017-2018

Welcome to our Summer edition eNewsletter

Reflecting back on the year that has been 2017, the Learning Centre team are proud of the vast array of achievements attained this year.

From launching a new combined training system, streamlining access and enrolment in our courses, to reviewing a majority of our curriculum, and launching new courses.

We are also very pleased to make available our new look Course Catalogue in time for the new year. This booklet will be available year round on our website.

Don't forget to check out the new look calendar for 2018 training - enrolments open now!


New Training System - phase 2

On 1 July 2017, the Learning Centre launched a new streamlined training system that enables participants to access all Learning Centre training in one place.

We have now actioned our first planned major upgrade of the system.

The new look training system now enables:
  • access to the calendar of events
  • access to downloadable course information
  • enrolments for face-to-face training
  • completion of eLearning courses
  • access to learner history and certificates
  • access to other education resources and our newsletter
  • as well as many other new functions.
If you have not yet signed up, visit
www.qcmhl.qld.edu.au to create your profile and register for events.

More detailed information is also available including our
Fee Schedule and Terms and Conditions.

SRAM-ED Cultural Strengthening project

The Suicide Prevention Taskforce commissioned the Learning Centre to develop a new video resource to support cultural strengthening. The SRAM-ED Cultural Strengthening project will see the launch of an additional video resource, simulating the application of culturally sensitive SRAM-ED techniques with an Aboriginal person.

The scenario script was developed in consultation with Leilani Darwin (Cultural Consultant and recipient of the 2016 National LiFE Award for Excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention), and nominated rural and remote SRAM-ED trainers for contextual feedback.

The filming was undertaken recently at the Clinical Skills Development Service hospital simulation studio. The clinical roles were played by Learning Centre clinicians and Indigenous actors representing the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, who were engaged to play the patient and her mother in the scenario.

The video is now undergoing post production edits with a launch deadline of 30 March 2018.
New course development - QC28 YEARS

The Learning Centre has recently launched the new QC2 Engage, Assess, Respond to, and Support Suicidal People (EARS) training course. To further support our work in this arena we are on the verge of lauching a program tailored for working specifically with Youth. The QC28 Youth: Engage, Assess, Respond to, and Support Suicidal People (YEARS) course is scheduled for piloting in early 2018.

This course is designed in a blended format, commencing with a 1.5 hour eLearning program to introduce the foundation concepts, followed by a full day face-to-face workshop.

The course will provide participants with skills in engaging young people and their caregivers in the assessment and response to suicidal behaviour.

We look forward to further announcements in 2018 to launch to product.

View the QC28 YEARS course handout for more information.
Enrolments mandatory!

Unenrolled participants arriving at training events are a long standing issue for the Learning Centre.

This issue contributes to significant time and administrative burden across the entire Learning Centre team, as well as compromising the participant learning experience.

The Learning Centre is responsible for ensuring:
  • the quality and integrity of training provided in order to achieve prescribed learning outcomes
  • effective transfer of knowledge to support implementation in clinical practice
  • compliance with course requirements, including achievement of pre-course requirements (e.g. eLearning pre-learning, pre-course reading, pre-course agreements)
  • accurate learner record keeping
  • compliance with requirements of a Registered Training Organisation.
Therefore, as of 1 January 2018, unenrolled participants can no longer be accepted at Learning Centre events. This is to ensure that all responsibilities are achieved for the benefit of the service and training participants.

All enrolments must be completed in full, electronically via the Learning Centre training system at www.qcmhl.qld.gov.au - appropriate enrolments are confirmed via email from the Learning Centre approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.

Please note that paper forms, email requests, local HHS database entries, and verbal agreements with your local education team do not substitute for an appropriate enrolment.

If you had planned to attend training but have not received a confirmation email, or are not sure if your enrolment was successful, you can login to the training system and check the 'Your courses' tab.

Alternatively phone 3271 8845 for assistance.
continuing professional development information

Sentinel Events Review (SER) update

2017 has seen the Learning Centre SER team work closely with Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Clinical Network and the Queensland Health Mental Health Sentinel Events Review Implementation Team (SERIT) to review five or our core training products.

This review has endeavoured to ensure that our courses implement recommendations made by the When mental health care meets risk: A Queensland sentinel events review into homicide and public sector mental health services report. View our Winter edition newsletter for a more detailed outline on the project.

The updated training courses were systematically rolled out across the state in the second semester training schedule.

Moving forward, the project team has now been tasked with collaborating on phase two of the project, to co-develop, test and roll out a new course – Tier 2 Violence Risk Assessment and Management – to five pilot sites across the State. The course will aim to enhance senior clinician knowledge and skill in violence risk assessment and management for consumers identified to be at an elevated risk of violence.

This collaboration has begun and will continue through to the mid-year launch to pilot sites in 2018. The pilot sites include:
  • Childrens Health Queensland HHS
  • Metro South HHS
  • Mackay HHS
  • North West HHS
  • Townsville HHS
We will keep you posted on updates as they occur.

MSE eLearning review

Conducting a Mental State Examination (MSE) is an important part of practice for Mental Health clinicians. We have recently complete a review of our MSE eLearning course to enure it aligns to current practice and can continue to be an effective resource for practitioners.

The course now reflects current language and evidence-based practice in observing and documenting a MSE. Some key updates include:
  • improved glossary of terms, definitions and quiz activities
  • change of language in line with best practice recommendations
  • improved functionality of activities.

The updated MSE eLearning is now available on our training system at www.qcmhl.qld.gov.au.

Moving forward a major review of the product is planned for 2018 to improve the look and feel of the module, making it more user-friendly. We welcome your feedback in improving accessibility and effectiveness of this course. Send your ideas to QCMHL_MSE@health.qld.gov.au.

Note: this course is not a substitute for our accredited face-to-face course 10120NAT Course in Observing and Documenting a Mental State Examination.
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