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summer edition newsletter 2022-2023
Our Semester 1, 2023 training schedule has been released and we are thrilled to offer you the new SRAM-ED (QC25 Train-the-trainer and QC61). Soon to be released is the new blended QC8 Supervisee and accompanying eLearning QC60 Introduction to Supervision. You can read more below about these course developments and other important news from the Learning Centre.

The departure of several of our highly valued Clinical Educators has resulted in the lean Semester 1 training schedule and while we miss our former team mates, the situation creates new opportunities for growth in the team and the acquisition of fresh skills sets.

We are excited about the new year and the many developments it will bring including new Clinical Educators, as well as updated Formulation training, and more modules being added to the Developing Educators Program.

As we move to close out 2022, we would like express our gratitude for your continued support throughout the year and wish you a happy and healthy 2023. 
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Important notice for HHS based SRAM-ED Facilitators 

The NEW QC25 Suicide Risk Assessment and Management in Emergency Departments - Train-the-trainer (SRAM-ED T-t-T) course was successfully launched in Cairns last week, following a robust series of test sessions, pilots and bridging training sessions. 

This new course will see HHS Educators ready to deliver the brand new and QC61 SRAM-ED local training to staff in their local services (replaces QC50 Foundational and QC51 Advanced SRAM-ED).

All SRAM-ED accredited facilitators are required to transition to the new course!

If you have not yet attended (or booked into) a session of the new QC25 SRAM-ED T-t-T and received your re-accreditation (to deliver QC61) please note the following: 
  • You may continue to deliver QC50 Foundational and QC51 Advanced SRAM-ED training until the end of March 2023.
  • From 1 April all support for QC50 and QC51 will be withdrawn and no further sessions can take place.
  • If you are unable to receive your re-accreditation in the new course by 1 April, all local deliveries must be suspended until you can attend the new QC25 SRAM-ED T-t-T and are accredited to deliver QC61 SRAM-ED local training.
If you are unable to participate in a session prior to 30 March, don't worry!  We will continue to take EOIs to inform additional scheduling where possible.

Upcoming sessions in 2023:
  • 24 January - Northgate Brisbane - FULL
  • 7 February - Roma - FULL
  • 21 February - Darra - FULL
  • 22 February - RAC session - FULL
  • 16 May - Rockhampton - EOIs being processed.
Read on to find out more about the new course.
QC25 SRAM-ED new course
New and updated SRAM-ED training now available!

The NEW QC25 SRAM-ED - Train-the-trainer and the corresponding QC61 SRAM-ED local training have now been launched. 

Co-designed with lived experience representatives (consumers, carers and peer workers), cultural advisors, and ED clinicians (nurses and medical consultants), the SRAM-ED program continues to prioritise compassionate engagement with people experiencing suicidality or at risk of suicide.

HHS Educators who are committed to and supported by their HHS to deliver SRAM-ED to local staff may now submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) to be considered for the QC25 SRAM-ED Train-the-trainer course. Selection criteria are outlined in the EOI process which can be found on the course page.

The Train-the-trainer comprises brief evaluations, a 2 hour pre-requisite eLearning module, and attendance at a full day face-to-face workshop.

Upon completion, those accredited will be able to deliver the QC61 SRAM-ED workshop within their HHS.

QC61 SRAM-ED is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of clinicians working in emergency departments with people presenting in a suicidal crisis or who are at risk of suicide.

It commences with completion of 2 hour pre-requisite eLearning followed by attendance at a 2-2.5 hour workshop in either face-to-face or online classroom formats (as determined by the local accredited trainer).

Visit the QC61 SRAM-ED course page for more details.

Note: If you are interested in participating in the local QC61 SRAM-ED course, contact your local trainer.
Introduction to supervision
New Supervision training on it's way! 

The new QC60 Introduction to Supervision eLearning build is advancing. The first draft was shared with a test group late October and refinements are now being incorporated. 

The eLearning package introduces the role of supervision in supporting ongoing professional wellbeing, skill development and enhanced outcomes for the people who receive the services where the staff are employed. It is written for all persons involved in supervision, especially those new to supervision, transitioning into a supervisor role, those who have never completed supervision training, and those who have had unhelpful supervision experiences in the past. 

Importantly, it is aimed not only at clinical staff in mental health services, but all front-line staff including peer workers and administrative staff.

QC60 eLearning will serve many functions:
  • as a stand-alone introductory eLearning course
  • as the pre-requisite to a new 1/2 day QC8 Supervisee course also in development
  • as a starting point for experienced Supervisors who have not previously engaged in any Learning Centre Supervision courses but would like to formalise their skills training. We'll share more about the link to QC4 Supervisor training in the future.
QC8 Supervisee is scheduled for pilots commencing in January 2023, with the first deliveries currently planned from late April.

A key aim of the project is to make supervision more accessible, therefore additional elements related to the support of supervision processes are also in planning. 

More announcements will be made when QC60 Introduction to Supervision is live. We also plan to share a list of QC8 launch events when the time is right. Keep your eye out for future marketing in the new year.
writing learning outcomes made easy eLearning screenshot
New eLearning - QC59 Providing inclusive healthcare for people diverse in gender and/or sexuality

Health research shows that people diverse in gender and/or sexuality are a marginalised minority group who do not achieve the same health outcomes as the general population.

The QC59 eLearning course due to be released very soon, was produced in partnership with the Queensland Children's Gender Service. It aims to provide mental health practitioners with the knowledge and skills to be inclusive and non-discriminatory in assessments, interventions and care, when working with people diverse in gender and/or sexuality.

Drawing on a lived experience perspective in tandem with published research relating to the mental health of people diverse in gender and/or sexuality, the content and interactive activities aim to deepen understanding of LGBTQI+ people and increase confidence in working effectively to achieve equitable health outcomes for all persons.

The aim is for participants to gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced and be able implement strategies that support inclusive care.

The Learning Centre wish to sincerely thank the people who feature and contributed to this training (including their parents and support persons) for their personal stories and endorsement of this training.
writing learning outcomes made easy eLearning screenshot
QC58 Developing Educators Program - new module now available!

A new module has been launched in our growing QC58 Developing Educators Program.

Titled 'When is training the right solution?' the eLearning steps through ways to evaluate a workplace problem to uncover the root cause, and determine how best to address gaps in skills and knowledge. 

Complementing the first eLearning module and videos, this is the fourth element to be added to the growing repository to support educators in their professional development. Look for it in the QC58 page menu.

There is even more content for this program in the works right now, so we look forward to bringing you additional updates in the new year.
Life in Mind
Professional development for educators in Mental Health Services 

Educators play an important role in supporting the work that the Learning Centre undertake to deliver skills to the workplace via training. Therefore supporting the skills development of educators is of vital importance.

Since its establishment in March 2021 the Mental Health Educators Community of Practice* has provided 14 hours of professional development activities via quarterly gatherings. 

At 3 month intervals members enjoy participating in the 2 hour presentation and discussion sessions that provide them with opportunity to connect with peers across the state, and also gain skills to support their ongoing development as an educator in a Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service.

Recordings of the sessions are available for members who have missed out, some of these recordings are edited and shared further via the QC58 Developing Educators Program (DEP) due to the resulting value of their content.

The QC58 DEP Resource was launched earlier this year and boasts a growing list of recorded webinars, as well as eLearning modules custom made to support the continued development of educators.

If you are an in education role and are looking for professional development in this field, look no further. You can also provide feedback about topics that you would like to see included; your ideas can help to inform the ongoing planning and development of these resources and your own skills portfolio.

The Community of Practice for Mental Health Educators includes those with an education portfolio or education aspect to their role, and who work in a Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service.
A significant announcement!

After 11 years with the Learning Centre, our Director Anthony Milverton has announced his retirement effective 9 December.

Before leading us at the Learning Centre, he worked for many years in Logan/Beaudesert Mental Health, Southside Mental Health, Metro South Mental Health, as a Surveyor with the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards, and then with the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch.

While his presence will be lost, his legacy will not. The Learning Centre thanks Anthony for his indelible influence on the capability and retention of clinical workforces across the state.
What's coming next?

In our next edition we are looking forward to announcing:
  • new development in Formulation training; the release of updated QC14 and QC34
  • more course updates and exciting developments in planning.
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