summer edition newsletter 2022-2023
2024 is in full swing and we are incredibly proud of how much has already been achieved, excited by the prospects of what is yet to come!

We have a new team within our service and they are making tremendous headway. The new Lived Experience and Training Team will undertake incredibly important work that will impact the training experience for all our participants. We look forward to providing more updates about the future work of this team, in the meantime read our introduction to them below.

Many dynamic projects continue and new initiatives have commenced. We have a plethora of news to share so instead of rambling here in the introduction, we'll let you read on! Enjoy!
SRAM-ED launch
Compassion in suicide prevention practice

Compassion is an intrinsic human quality, therefore, it is not surprising to hear that compassion is regarded as an “essential component of resilient health systems and high quality care and is a precondition for positive therapeutic relationships” (Liberati et al., 2022). With this in mind, for the re-development of the Learning Centre’s Suicide Prevention courses, our team have chosen to centralise compassion in our training.

In suicide prevention practice, the need for a compassionate workforce was highlighted in the release of the 2020 Australian Government Compassion First report. So, if compassion is so intrinsic to our human nature, why do we need a report and training on it?

Part of being compassionate when working with people experiencing suicidality is also recognising that as healthcare workers, there may be roadblocks to compassion that we encounter in our everyday work. This may be factors such as lack of time and high workload, stress, fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, burnout, stigma, reduced external and internal resources and workplace relationships.

In our re-developed suicide prevention training, we aim to provide healthcare workers with the opportunity to practice and reflect on what compassion is and looks like, and equip our learners with some new tools and strategies for how to embed compassionate care into their work with people in suicidal distress.

To hear some approaches to compassion that our clinical and lived experience workforce are already integrating into their practice, we invite you to watch the video below:

Approaches to compassion (

If you are interested in participating in future pilots for the Suicide Prevention re-development, please feel free to reach out to our Project Development Coordinator to register your interest.
Supervision suite project team update

Alongside the long awaited publication of the Supervision Guidelines (2023) we are heading strongly into the year and have big plans to deliver a lot more Supervision education and resources this quarter.

You can access the Guidelines (2023) on the Learning Centre Supervision Resource page along with key templates and tools to build and support Supervision practice.

Spaces in QC8 Supervisee, the foundation supervision training, are filling quickly this semester. This 4 hour workshop is offered online and face to face, and is partnered with the QC60 Introduction to Supervision e-Learning. The extra value of attending QC8 Supervisee sits in reflective activities that are applied for each individual practitioner, alongside group discussion focussed on common challenges that Supervisees need to negotiate in establishing strong, beneficial Supervision practice.

Workshops are scheduled across the semester and will see many newer graduates alongside refreshing practitioners in classrooms this semester.

QC4 Supervisor will receive a big boost in number of workshops offered as the Learning Centre is currently training an additional 12 facilitators of the program, some of whom will be Clinical Educators based in local Hospital and Health Services, as well as the Learning Centre staff. Semester 1 workshops are open for enrolment now and we hope to present many more options moving into Semester 2, so if you are keen to participate plan ahead now and complete QC60 and QC8 in readiness.

This year we look forward to co-creating a list of important and exciting additions to the training Suite, as part of Better Care Together supported initiatives. More news of these will come in the next Newsletter.

Thanks for sharing the learning in this space and see you at a workshop soon.
writing learning outcomes made easy eLearning screenshot
eLearning update

The Team continue to work their way through updates to our many eLearning courses; ensuring any policy changes are incorporated, and to transfer content into more up to date software.

The latest course to be revamped is:
  • QC49 Police and Ambulance Intervention Plan - revised guidelines included.
If it has been a while since completing any of our eLearning products, we recommend undertaking refreshers so you are across the latest content.
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Introducing the Lived Experience and Training Team

The Learning Centre is pleased to announce the establishment of the new Lived Experience and Training Team, with the following staff having commenced in January 2024:
  • Lived Experience and Training Manager - Debbie Latimore
  • Lived Experience Educator - Katrina Baxter
  • Project Development Coordinator - Sandi Darling
They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are excited to include within the Learning Centre family.

The focus of this teams work will be on the training and development needs of the Lived Experience (Peer) workforce, supporting the integration of the Lived Experience workforce within multidisciplinary teams, and delivering Better Care Together initiatives.

We look forward to sharing specific details about their projects and achievements in future editions.
Supporting effective responses to people experiencing suicidality

The Learning Centre is pleased to be undertaking a review of workforce capability programs, which aim to support the Queensland Health mental health, alcohol and other drug (MHAOD) workforce to respond effectively to people at risk of suicide.

Funded by the MHAOD Branch, with governance from the Suicide in Healthcare Services team and consultation with Insight, the project will undertake a gap analysis of training and education to support the delivery of care by MHAOD workers consistent with the Queensland Suicide Prevention Practice Gudeline. The focus will be on identifying appropriate, evidence-based treatment and care for people at risk of suicide, including those with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

The project will run till June 30 2024, with an expected outcome of recommendations for evidence-based approaches for the development and delivery of workforce capability programs to better support people at risk of suicide.

For more information, please contact the project lead, Catherine (Katie) Hangan on
Mental Health Scholarships news

Have you been sitting on the fence about applying for a Mental Health Scholarship? We understand that pursuing higher education can be challenging and the cost an additional burden. Here's some feedback from a previous approved applicant that might encourage you to apply in the next round of scholarships, opening October 2024.

“A Mental Health Scholarship Is not only about money which relieves my financial burdens, but also an honour which means I have achieved milestones in my professional development. The past scholarship has influenced my skill development and practice significantly by supporting my completion of two courses in 2023 with satisfactory GPA (5-6), Including NURS7015 Application of Specialist Mental Health Nursing Skills in Mental Health Practice A and NURS7016 Application of Specialist Mental Health Nursing Skills in Mental Health Practice B.”
Nurse, Darling Downs.

141 Scholarship applications have been assessed by the panels from the 2023 application period (for study taking place in 2024) and recommendations, based on how applicants address the identified priority areas are now being prepared.

Through Better Care Together funding, we have been able to offer an extra 14 scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Queensland Health staff. A 5-year plan aims to support and incentivise these staff to further develop mental health competencies through postgraduate studies.

Each year priority areas for Scholarships are identified in collaboration with statewide Mental Health Leaders. A survey will be distributed in May 2024 requesting the priorities for the 2025 study year.

We will also be distributing an Expression of Interest in the near future for Scholarship Panel members, which consists of 5 Statewide Senior Mental Health Nurses, 4 Statewide Senior Allied Health Professionals and 1 Lived Experience representative.

These scholarships aim to break down barriers by providing financial assistance to those pursuing a higher education while enhancing recovery oriented practice and improved outcomes for those accessing services. We thank everyone involved for their ongoing support with this initiative.
What's coming next?

In our next edition we look forward to announcing:
  • More resources for Educators to support your individual professional development!
  • Plans to revamp and re-release more eLearning.
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