summer edition newsletter, 2020 the year in review
As we approach the closing of our second year of restrictions, we reflect with gratitude on our remarkable evolution and the support from you our stakeholders through so many challenges.

You may have noticed the tremendous range of online classroom course selections we have on offer for 2022 - if you haven't yet, check out our calendar of events. Many face-to-face sessions are also live and ready to take enrolments; we will continue to publish more sessions as HHS course selections for Semester 1 are received and confirmed.

With so much development taking place we have a few exciting course updates to share with you below. Please keep reading for more information about new courses, updates and development opportunities.
QC58 Developing Educators Program - new product coming soon!

A new learning suite to support the skills development of Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Educators is on its way.

Due for launch late January 2022, the QC58 Developing Educators Program is being designed as a repository of 'bite sized' training and resources.

The first resource contained will be an eLearning module focused on understanding and developing learning outcomes to guide training development and delivery. The module Writing Learning Outcomes Made Easy is accompanied by work aids to be used in designing your own training.

Also planned is a recorded presentation Enhancing Mental Health Education using Simulation.

Additional custom-built eLearning modules are in planning, along with other video recordings, tools, tip sheets and reading material. Content development will continue to be informed by feedback sought via our network of Educators and the Educators Community of Practice (more on this below).

We can't wait to share this with you and look forward to more updates as this resource continues to develop into the future.
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Supervision courses update

Our three Supervision courses have always relied heavily on face-to-face content delivery to ensure effective transfer of skills. With demand for this training increasing, a need was identified to translate some of the foundational concepts to a more adaptive format; hence a 'Foundations of Supervision' eLearning module is currently in development.

This short module will offer a base level introduction to supervision, as well as a refresher on supervision concepts for those enrolling in QC4 Supervisor training.

We look forward to launching this product in early 2022. More redevelopment is planned in this space in line with the release of new supervision guidelines. Stay tuned for more updates.
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Suicide Risk Assessment and Management in an Emergency Department Setting (SRAM-ED) - course redevelopment project

A major redevelopment of the SRAM-ED training suite continues, in partnership with Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch and Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel. Undertaken using a co-design approach with Lived Experience representation and close consultation with Emergency Department Professionals the project has a strong people focus.

The redevelopment will see new course design, training resources, an updated eLearning platform and revised train-the-trainer workshop.

The project is progressing toward pilot testing in January to March 2022.
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Mental Health Act 2016 Refresher

The Learning Centre is partnering with the MHAODB to develop a refresher course for Mental Health Act 2016 training for the mental health, alcohol and other drugs workforce.

The content of the eLearning module has been built and is now in review. We anticipate this module will be launched by the end of December.
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Comprehensive Care Webinar series

RE08 Comprehensive Care resource continues to expand.

The latest webinar Physical Health Screen took place on 29 November and a recording will soon join the previous six recorded webinars. These are made available along with 14 instructional/demonstration videos, two eLearning modules, and supporting information handouts.

If you are looking for resources and tools to enhance the provision of person-centred comprehensive care, with a focus on partnerships in care and communication, this package will provide you with plenty of information to implement in practice.
visit RE08 Comprehensive Care webinars and resources
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Community of Practice for Educators update

The Community of Practice for Mental Health Educators (those with an education portfolio or education aspect to their role who work in a Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service) continues to gain momentum.

Our first two gatherings have been well attended and received positive feedback.

The final session for 2021 held this morning was equally successful. For members who missed it, the recording of Exploring Narrative Process to Enhance Learning will be shared via a Teams channel set up to support the membership.

We now look forward to the 2022 sessions and invite you to join us for:
  • 3 March - Use of Graphics in Facilitation - with a guest presenter!
  • 27 June - The Value of Bite Sized Learning.
The date savers for the 2022 quarterly gatherings will be sent out soon and an invitation extended for guest presenters to contribute to the growth and development of this network.

If you are an Educator in a Queensland Health Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service setting and would like an invitation to participate please contact us.
Life in Mind
Suicide Prevention training and resources for Youth Justice

The Learning Centre were invited to collaborate on a project to strengthen Youth Justice workers understanding and application of suicide prevention in their workplace settings.

The focus has been on imparting practical skills to identify and assess young people at risk, determine the nature of the risk and response to the risk required, and provide brief interventions for addressing risk.

The project has involved the delivery of forums/webinars, and a suite of resources including; a lanyard prompt card with reminder questioning techniques, and suicide prevention toolkits, one of which is designed for staff and the other designed for Supervisors.

Initial feedback has indicated that the project has been a great success, with staff appreciating the new skills and tools to apply in practice.
What's coming next?

With over 150 training events already in planning for Semester 1 2022 we are looking forward to a busy year ahead. We also have many new/revamped product developments underway and will provide you with more updates as they become available.

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