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autumn update for learning experience
News and updates from the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning

In this edition Spring 2017

Welcome to our Spring edition eNewsletter

Years end is now on the horizon therefore, planning of the 2018 training calendar is under way. With the majority of Learning Centre courses now relaunched with new content, attending refresher training will be increasingly important in the new year, particularly those aligned to the Sentinel Events Review project.

eLearning training options continue to expand with the new Cultural Capability course now available on our brand new online Training System, launched 1 July 2017.

In case you missed the release a few months ago, you can view the Jan-Jun 2017 Stakeholder Activity Summary to view a snapshot of Hospital and Health Service (HHS) training activity so far this year.

Closing the Gap - new Cultural Capability eLearning

In collaboration with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Branch, the Learning Centre has designed and developed an eLearning module for non-Indigenous mental health clinicians to assist them in better understanding cultural needs, values and social and emotional wellbeing when addressing the mental health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Mental illness contributes over 30% of the non-fatal disease burden for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Already at risk of reduced life expectancy due to a broad range of health concerns, suicide rates are disproportionately high, and this in turn creates ongoing grief and trauma issues for many communities. With high rates of hospitalisation for psychosis and substance use, yet low rates of treatment for anxiety and depression despite the evidence of significant socio-cultural stressors, a culturally appropriate approach is critical in ‘Closing the Gap’ in mental health care.

The course uses interactive activities, videos and scenarios to engage learners and apply culturally responsive skills.

The program embeds important key elements, including:
  • a recovery-focused, trauma-informed approach
  • the identification of needs across the continuum of care, from emergency department to community
  • introducing participants to methods for applying a cultural lens in clinical practice.
This program will provide the basis for clinicians to work on their life-long cultural learning journey.

www.qcmhl.qld.edu.au to access this course.

Testimonial from the new Cultural Capability in Mental Health eLearning

"A really impressive resource. All chapters built on each other well and were well targeted, the different formats supporting learning. I came away with a clearer understanding about what to do in cultural practice, a better understanding of the historical and generational issues, that I would need to link with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker, and I learned useful and practical skills for assessment.

Chapter three was particularly helpful in taking learners through skills - the 'choose your own adventure' format activity was really good. Rather than overwhelm learners with information, it focused on key areas and skills that were repeated, so staff could take with them and apply a practical focus."

Consultant Psychiatrist, August 2017

New Training System

On 1 July 2017, the Learning Centre launched a new streamlined training system that enables participants to access all Learning Centre training in one place.

The training system enables:
  • access to the calendar of events
  • enrolments for face-to-face training
  • completion of eLearning courses
  • online payments
  • access to learner history and certificates
  • as well as many other new functions.
If you have not yet signed up, visit
www.qcmhl.qld.edu.au to create your profile and register for events.

More detailed information is also available including our
Fee Schedule and Terms and Conditions.
New course development - QC28 YEARS

The Learning Centre has for many years been a key source for suicide risk assessment training across Queensland, more recently being invited by a number of stakeholder groups to tailor the program with a focus on working with Youth. Thus, when a major redevelopment of our core QC2 Suicide Risk Assessment and Management course was being scoped, the parameters of the project were widened to allow for the development of QC28 Youth: Engage, Assess, Respond to, and Support Suicidal People (YEARS).

The course is designed in a blended format, commencing with a 1.5 hour eLearning program to introduce the foundation concepts, followed by a full day face-to-face workshop.

When launched, the course will provide participants with skills in engaging young people and their caregivers in the assessment and response to suicidal behaviour.

We look forward to scheduling this course in early 2018.

View the QC28 YEARS course handout for more information.
Sexual Health and Safety training needs analysis questionnaire

The Learning Centre will be distributing a state wide questionnaire as part of a training needs analysis (TNA) commissioned by the Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drugs Branch. This important TNA aims to identify skill or knowledge gaps in the assessment and management of the sexual health and sexual safety needs of people accessing public mental health, alcohol and drug services. Information gathered from the TNA will inform quality assurance activities around education and training for mental health, alcohol and drug treatment clinicians across Queensland.

You participation is important. Keep an eye out for more information - coming soon.
who can attend our training information
Are you attending the right courses?

What training are you attending to improve your clinical skills for service delivery?

Did you know that the Learning Centre is an authorised, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with accredited training recognised by AASW, ACMHN and ACEM?

Did you know that we routinely review our training to ensure it:
  • is comprehensive with measurable learning outcomes
  • is compliant with Queensland Health processes
  • meets current best practice standards for Mental Health Services
  • aligns with current State and National policies.
Make sure you are attending the right training to keep your knowledge current.

All Learning Centre training requires an online enrolment via our new training system at
www.qcmhl.qld.edu.au. This includes our standard training and special events. If an enrolment isn’t required, chances are it’s not our training.

Tip: Enrolment will also ensure that you receive your training manual/resources, as well as your certificate upon completion. If you are not enrolled, you may be turned away from a workshop.

If you’re not sure, please check with us. Don’t risk your clinical practice!

2018 Mental Health Scholarship Scheme applications open soon

Applications will open for the 2018 scholarship study scheme on Monday 25 September 2017.

For applications to be considered, you must be an Australian citizens or have permanent residency, and are a Queensland Health clinician* whose primary role is to work closely with mental health consumers. Studies must be completed in 2018 and contribute to increased capacity as a clinician with demonstrable benefits to care delivery at your Hospital and Health Service.

The scheme provides financial support (of up to $1,000 per unit/subject) for approved post-graduate level university studies in mental health clinical practice, up to a maximum payment of $5,000 for any individual per year.

Information on the scholarship package, including selection criteria and demonstrable skills, can be accessed on the scholarships page of our website,
or by contacting the mental health scholarship coordinator via email: mhscholarships@health.qld.gov.au

*Queensland Health mental health permanent employees or those on temporary contract for the application and study period.
continuing professional development information
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