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The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (Learning Centre) is a Queensland Health based training provider offering a range of core mental health education programs for mental health professionals.

Through our training courses, we aim to initially provide practical foundational knowledge for professionals who work with clients that experience mental health problems. In addition, we provide intermediate and advanced-level knowledge and specific skills that focus on consumer safety and mental health recovery plus clinical supervision skills.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have continued to expand our range of training modalities and content. We now provide a series of accessible face-to-face courses including a nationally accredited program, as well as a suite of eLearning courses, online resources and blended learning opportunities.

We can also help your organisation develop tailored training to suit the needs of your staff using a range of learning modalities that meets your scope, timeframe and budget.

Our mission

The Learning Centre continues to grow, develop, and nurture a skilled and sustainable mental health workforce to provide a quality recovery focused approach to mental health care.

Our staff

Anthony Milverton
BHSc, GCertHMgt

Anthony works to improve the capability of Queensland’s mental health clinician workforce. His solutions-focused approach is persistent, methodical and practical. His motivation and work satisfaction comes from either tangible outcomes, or evidence through evaluation, ...

Dr Wendy Ducat
B.A. (Psychology), BPsych (Hons), PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Program Manager

Dr Wendy Ducat is a Clinical Psychologist with a passion for innovative workforce development, supervision, professional support, and research relating to mental health and workforce development. In addition to her postgraduate studies, ...

Laura Chandler
BA (Hons;) BSc; BSocWk; GCertHigherEd
Acting Program Manager

Laura is a Social Worker bringing over 20 years’ practice in supporting learner engagement in higher education and workforce development. She specialised in student counselling, supporting access for students with a disability and peer support initiatives. Laura has developed ...

Shaun Minchin
BBus(HRMan/IntB), GCBus(PubSecMgmnt)
Business Manager

Shaun specialises in financial, human resource and operational management. By maintaining oversight of business practices, Shaun ensures the Learning Centre progresses toward self-sustainability, greater training reach and ultimately continue to influence the clinical ...

Michelle Coleman-Charters
BSc, GDip PsychSc
Research and Systems Manager

Michelle has over 13 years’ experience as a researcher, including roles in: Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research; West Moreton Health Service Evaluation and Research Unit; the Queensland Mental Health Benchmarking Unit. The role of systems management was added to her repertoire in 2013. ...

Dr Ben Walters
PhD ClinPsych, BPsych (Hons)
Clinical Educator

Dr Ben Walters is a Clinical Psychologist working with the Learning Centre to develop and deliver training products, primarily those relating to risk assessment and management. Prior to coming to the Learning Centre he worked in a variety of settings, including: public outpatient; private inpatient; private community; ...

Melissa Branjerdporn
BSocWk; MCouns
Clinical Educator

Melissa has over 22 years’ experience as a Social Worker. Prior to joining the Learning Centre, she worked as a clinical educator with Queensland Health’s Evolve Therapeutic Services, and also worked within a number of other specialist Child and Youth Mental Health teams within Queensland Health. ...

Irene da Silva Francisco
BOccThy (Hons)
Clinical Educator

Irene is an Occupational Therapist, who has predominantly worked in adult and forensic mental health, clinical, education and service development roles. She strongly values a recovery-oriented approach to mental health care, and is passionate about improving the lives of people with mental illness. ...

Dan Mobbs
B.A. (Psychology), MSW, MSuicidology
Clinical Educator

Dan is a registered Social Worker specialising in suicide prevention and clinical supervision education. His passion is person-centred, recovery orientated practice and Dan is interested in the application of systems thinking to complex social and clinical issues. ...

Cheryl Sullivan
Clinical Educator

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in acute mental health, including Emergency Department mental health, and consultation liaison for mental health. Her skill includes working with child and youth, adult and older persons. She has worked in multiple countries, and across a variety of settings. ...

Emma Martin
BOccThy, BPsych, MCouns
Clinical Educator

Emma is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ experience in mental health practice, specialising in trauma recovery, acute stress response, grief and loss, suicidal crisis and severe mental illness across the service spectrum. ...

What the centre offers you

The Learning Centre provides a state wide training service. Our educators travel throughout Queensland to make attending training easier for you. Whilst Queensland Health mental health service professionals are our primary target audience, training is highly appropriate to others. You can enrol in our training if you are a:

  • clinician, practitioner and worker from other Queensland Health services and you work with people experiencing mental health issues
  • mental health clinician/practitioner from other Government services and departments
  • mental health clinician/practitioner of non-Government (private) services
  • staff member of support services who work with consumers of mental health services in other capacities, or who in your line of work assist people experiencing mental health problems
  • student on placement in a public mental health services.

This short video provides an overview as to what services the Learning Centre can offer your organisation to support the development of eLearning and online resources for your workforce. You can select closed captions by clicking on the video.



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