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The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (Learning Centre) is a Queensland Health based training provider offering a range of core mental health, alcohol and other drugs education programs for mental health professionals.

Through our training courses, we aim to initially provide practical foundational knowledge for professionals who work with clients that experience mental health problems. In addition, we provide intermediate and advanced-level knowledge and specific skills that focus on consumer safety and mental health recovery plus clinical supervision skills.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have continued to expand our range of training modalities and content. We now provide a series of accessible face-to-face courses including a nationally accredited program, as well as a suite of eLearning courses, online resources and blended learning opportunities.

We can also help your organisation develop tailored training to suit the needs of your staff using a range of learning modalities that meets your scope, timeframe and budget.

Our mission

The Learning Centre continues to grow, develop, and nurture a skilled and sustainable mental health workforce to provide a quality recovery focused approach to mental health care.

What the centre offers you

The Learning Centre provides a state wide training service. Our educators travel throughout Queensland to make attending training easier for you. Whilst Queensland Health mental health service professionals are our primary target audience, training is highly appropriate to others. You can enrol in our training if you are a:

  • clinician, practitioner and worker from other Queensland Health services and you work with people experiencing mental health issues
  • mental health clinician/practitioner from other Government services and departments
  • mental health clinician/practitioner of non-Government (private) services
  • staff member of support services who work with consumers of mental health services in other capacities, or who in your line of work assist people experiencing mental health problems
  • student on placement in a public mental health services.

This short video provides an overview as to what services the Learning Centre can offer your organisation to support the development of eLearning and online resources for your workforce. You can select closed captions by clicking on the video.



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