Delivery Mode Duration Hours of active learning Cost
Resource 6 hours
6:00 None

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning has been involved in the development of this video Real Lives, Real People, Real Journeys. It showcases consumers, carers and mental health staff sharing their personal stories to promote an understanding of recovery.

Delivery Mode Duration Hours of active learning Cost
Resource 20 minutes
0:20 None

This resource provides an overview of CYMHS philosophy and frameworks and addresses the first phase of Core Competency development in CYMHS in the areas of assessment, formulation and treatment planning. Each unit provides introductory theory via DVD presentations with accompanying PowerPoint notes and additional learning materials, including reflective exercises/clinical activities to consolidate learning.

Delivery Mode Duration Hours of active learning Cost
Resource 2 - 4 hours per unit (6 units)
2 - 4 hours per unit (6 units) None
exclamation logo Please note that this resource makes reference to the Mental Health Act 2000. This resource will be updated in due course to align with the Mental Health Act 2016.

The handbook was developed in 2007, in consultation with consumers, service providers and carers through a partnership with the Mental Health Clinical Collaborative and the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning.

The intention in compiling this resource was to provide an educational and personalised document for consumers and clinicians in adult inpatient mental health settings. It takes a recovery approach and contains a range of resource materials, good practice approaches, and worksheets that can be adapted to meet the individual needs of consumers.

This handbook was been designed for consumers to use independently or in collaboration with a health care professional to promote a shared understanding of the consumer's experience. The modular approach of the booklet is designed to allow the individual to move through the information at a pace suited to their own needs as well as provide a resource that extends beyond the inpatient facility.

Delivery Mode Duration Hours of active learning Cost
Resource Self-paced activity Nil None

This online awareness package communicates the key issues addressed in the 2016 Sexual Health and Safety Guidelines for mental health, alcohol and other drug services. It is designed as a tool for Hospital and Health Services to use in the orientation of new staff as well as local training programs, especially those focusing on risk assessment, care planning and physical health.

Delivery Mode Duration Hours of active learning Cost
eLearning Resource 30 minutes 0:30 None

Child Aware Practice

A course developed by Emerging Minds to enhance understanding about the impact of adult problems, including mental illness, AOD and family violence, on children and to support practitioners to think about children early in any contact with a parent. It ensures that families are supported to make and sustain changes so that they can better meet the needs of their children. It is interactive and features high-quality video scenarios that are partnered with a useful workbook. The workbook contains exercises, discussion starters and reflective questions that can be used in individual and group learning.

Delivery Mode Duration For more infomation or to enrol
eLearning 1.5 - 2 hours

Child Aware Supervision

This Emerging Mind’s course provides training for supervisors and team leaders in strategies that promote child and family-sensitive practices in their service. The course is an extension of the 'Child Aware Practice' course.

Delivery Mode Duration For more infomation or to enrol
eLearning 5 - 6 hours

This program is made up of a series of webinars and two eLearning modules on topics such as assessment, formulation, diagnosis, care planning and care review.  The information contained in these recordings has been provided by Clinical Excellence Queensland, Insight, Dovetail and the Learning Centre.  Some of the recordings are informational while others demonstrate how to complete documentation, apply the principles of comprehensive care in multidisciplinary teams and provide comprehensive care in your practice. 

Delivery Mode Duration Hours of active learning Cost
Various: eLearning, video, reading material and other resources Varies per item
Varies per item None